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Energy efficiency is defined as a top priority of the European Union, which is fully embedded in the 2020 strategy, which sets the target for 20% energy savings achieved by 2020 within the Community. To achieve this goal, the European Commission has adopted a number of regulations that impose obligations on Member States to create their own legislation and their own action plans. In this regard, the Energy Efficiency Act has been adopted in Bulgaria, which, together with the secondary legislation and the two action plans, requires specific sites to carry out energy efficiency audits and to implement measures to achieve targeted savings.

Electricity supply

What does the "C ENERGY GROUP" offer you for electricity supply:

  • Energy supply of HH, MV and VH across the country to all domestic and industrial consumers meeting the requirements for a free market
  • Assistance for free market registration, change of point of delivery and legal aid for dropping network charges in case of own facilities - cables, transformers, etc.
  • Long-term and short-term energy supply contracts - Possibility to purchase electricity for a year, month, week, day or for a particular hour
  •  Complete service for the supply and purchase of electricity

Energy management

Energy management is a set of all measures that need to be planned and implemented to consume as much energy as possible to achieve the appropriate comfort. The goal is to provide a quality microclimate in the buildings with minimal energy costs and pre-contamination of environmental pollution. Effective use of energy resources and responsible energy management of energy consumption in buildings solves three main problems:

  • Ecological - significantly reduces carbon emissions from buildings as a result of the rational use of energy resources (including renewable energy sources) and reduced energy consumption.
  • Economically - the energy budget is significantly improved as a result of reduced energy consumption.
  • Social - Optimal comfort of living in buildings is created due to adequate management of energy costs.

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